To continue our series, our next celebrity is, Brangelina, If you dont know them, well, I guess you go get yourself a copy of Mr and Mrs Smith, after watching the movie, with such strong force they put together, Imagine how awesome their wine will taste.

Their vineyard is on my bucket list, I hope i get to visit it some day.

In 2011, divorced Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie bought Château Miraval, a château and vineyard located in the village of Correns, just north of Brignoles, a village in the Var département in the south of France, for $41 million from Tom Bove, an American businessman, after leasing it for 3 years. Now, the property is worth over $67 million, which till date, they both co-own, even after separating in 2016. And yes, they still haven’t come to terms on how to divide this beautiful estate, I doubt it has to do with the wedding memory it holds for them, back in August, 2014, Brad and Angelina got married at the Chapel in Château Miraval.

So whats the fuss about? They have divided most of their properties except this, in my opinion, I want to believe it has to do with a concept I call “The things we do for wine” hahahahaha, And what wine has brought together,……… (fill in the gap)

This 2,500-acre estate has an illustrious showbiz history, boasting a recording studio where Sting, Pink Floyd and others have made albums, and to manage the estate, Jolie and Pitt brought in the Perrins, a French winemaking family who gained their expertise in Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Wines produced by Château Miraval

A bottle of Miraval Rose

                     Miraval Rose

  1. Miraval Rose is being sold between $15 – $200 depending on the production year. It is a wonderful blend of fruits aromas and freshness, made on an exceptional terroirs in Provence.
  2. Miraval Blanc Coteaux Varois 
  3. Miraval Blanc Côtes de Provence
  4. Miraval Blanc Côtes de Provence
  5. Studio by Miraval  (Image below)
  6. Muse de Miraval  (Image below)
A bottle of Studio by Miraval

        Studio by Miraval

These 6 lovely rose wines are made by Château Miraval, and the 6th/latest addition, called Muse de Miraval, made headlines as being the most expensive Rose Wine ever sold in an auction, the charity event which was held on the 24th of May 2019, launched the release of this wine as it was sold for €2,600.

a bottle of Muse de Miraval, Muse de Miraval

[bctt tweet=”Wine business is one of the oldest business in history, thanks to these celebrities for investing in it, we wont be running out of wine any time soon,” username=”TheFinestItali1″] and to the wine couple, Brangelina, thank you for making Rose Wines more acceptable.

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