So I’m starting a series on Celebrities and their love for wine, to the extent they become wine owners, and to kick this off, I will be starting with Andrea Pirlo, (Yeah, who else) winks, for those who don’t know, He is the reason I am a huge fan of Juventus Football Club, The Italian Champions of Serie A League matches for 8 times consecutively, He is my all time best Free-Kick Taker, and to top it all, he is my almost birthday mate, (17th of May while I was born on the 18th) owch, so close.

Andrea Pirlo retired from football in 2017 to focus on his winery, which he founded In 2007 with the help of his family, he took over a small estate near his father’s birthplace, in the heart of the beautiful city of Brescia, Italy and founded the Agricultural Society Pratum Coller. The winery has 15 acres of vines which produces between 25,000 to 30,000 bottles a year.

In 2018, Andrea’s Sister Inlaw, Claudia Pirlo invited me to a private wine tasting and tour in his vineyard. I could tell from the whole scenario that the company was founded out of love for good quality wine. Imagine an awesome free kick that hits the goal post, thats how Andrea’s wine hits your palate when you drink it.

[bctt tweet=”In 2016, Nike launched its ‘Tiempo Pirlo’ football boots in honour of Andrea Pirlo, the Merlot colour boot is inspired by wine and including a cork lining.” username=”TheFinestItali1″] The sportswear firm added, ‘Pirlo’s history with wine goes back to his childhood in Flero, where he spent a lot of time harvesting grapes at local vineyards’. This, truly is an amazing wine gift for a wine lover.

Andrea’a Wines cost between €12 – €25 per bottle, they are completely organic and eco-friendly, both red and white wines

Eos: Rosé Wine – Its the first wine Pratum Coller made; it has the color of dawn and it started their adventure. Its a Greek word.

Nitor: White wine 100% Trabbiano di Lugana, has a clear color, and the name itself defines the clarity and delicacy.

Redeo: Red Wine – The meaning of this name is the sense of wine and to return to oneself without being changed by the rhythms that time gives you every day.

Arduo – Red Wine Reserve, from the Family motto NO NISI PER ARDUA (Not without difficulty / effort).

Stay tuned for more, you would be amazed to know how much $$$ some Celebrities invest in the wine production.

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