Ever attended a grape stomping event?

Grape Stomping is an old traditional wine making process where grapes were crushed by having barefoot participants repeatedly stomp on them in vats to release their juices and begin fermentation.

Its fun and you get to learn a whole lot about the wine making process, not to forget wine tasting too winks, don’t worry, we don’t drink the wine we stomped, that would be thrown away, it is a fun activity where we get to relieve the ancient wine making process.


Azienda Agricola Biologica, Bacco e Arianna, one of Padova’s finest wine makers had one on Sunday, 9th September 2018,  we got to pluck the grapes, wheeled them and stomped on some, after that, was games time, we answered wine trivia and the winners got free bottles of wines, it truly was exciting…

Its the Harvest Season, and we are ready for some wine 😉

Here are some pictures taken at the event.

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