Its the last day of the year, which automatically makes this our last blog post for the year 2018, so please allow me the opportunity to wish you all a Happy New Year.

As its customary for people to look back through the years and ponder on what they’ve achieved, we decided to do same with our blog post, thanks to Jetpack by WordPress, we were able to know which of our interesting blog post gained the most attention in 2018, and so i decided to list them out for you, my lovely readers, who made it all possible, so we all can reminisce about these post and why they were the most searched and read blog post in 2018, so here they are, starting from the top is….

  1. How to Hold a Wine GlassThis was our most searched/read post in 2018, just so you know, there really is a wrong way to hold a wine glass and I gave 4 simple ways to properly hold a wine glass using pictures to illustrate better. I also gave reasons why you should not hold your wine glass by the bowl.
  2. Top 5 Expensive Wines In The World – Oh Yes, the title alone would get you curious, this post truly was interesting and I had a very interactive session with my blog visitors, I also blogged about the stories behind their prices and why they are so exorbitant. We can’t get over the funny story of how an Insurance Company actually paid for one of the wines, so if you have a wine bottle that is more than 20 years old, I think its time to get it insured, *winks* who knows, we might be blogging about your wine some day. 
  3. How Wine is Made – What is a wine blog without talking about wine making process, I’m not surprise this post made it to the list, this is the most common question every wine lover ask and trust me to bring the answers to you, with pictures as well, I talked about the basic wine making steps, from the picking of the grapes, to crushing them, and then the fermentation process which leads to aging and bottling of the wine.
  4. Fun and Interesting Facts about Italian Wines – We cant talk about wine without talking about “The Land of Wine”, and since I live here, Its expected I let you all know some fun facts about the highest producers of wine in the world, since 2018 was an awesome year for Italian Wines, this topic was googled often cos wine lovers wanted to know more about them. In this post, I listed 10 interesting facts about Italian Wines.

  5. 9 Wine Etiquette Habits to Know – This is was our 5th most viewed post for the year 2018, and from our record, this post was viewed mostly on Thursdays and Fridays, from the title of the post, you obviously know why, we all need to polish our etiquette whilst preparing for the weekend rendezvous, which is never complete without a bottle of wine and having a proper etiquette is so important, we cant do away with it. I listed 9 simple guidelines to help you.

So here we have it, our 5 most read blog post for 2018, so tell me, were they worth it? smiles

I do hope I was able to make your 2018 interesting with my wine blogs, please let me know in the comment section, thanks again for taking out time to visit my page, you are the real MVP and I appreciate your support.

Once again, I wish you and your family a wonderful 2019.




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