Bringing out a bottle of wine to serve a guest makes them feel most welcomed, but pouring the wine into their glasses is another thing entirely, and once you’ve got that part right, your guest will definitely feel like a VIP..

The first things first, opening the wine bottle, this is obviously the most Important aspect of the service, show your guest the wine you intend to open let them see the name and get an OK before opening, you will need a Corkscrew or Wine key and a Foil Cutter, it is also good to have a clean napkin beside you.


  1. Cut the foil around half an inch from the lip of the bottle using a foil cutter or the small knife in a waiter’s style wine key. This ensures the wine doesn’t touch the foil and can help prevent dripping.
  2. Place the corkscrew directly into the center of the cork and unscrew it straight into the air. Once the cork is three-quarters out of the bottle, finish it quietly by hand to avoid a loud popping noise. One way to do this is to gently wiggle the cork back and forth until it’s all the way out of the bottle.
  3. After the cork is removed, wipe it and the top of the bottle off. This helps remove cork debris and dust from storage.

When opening and serving a white wine, place part of a napkin between the bottle and your hand to keep the warmth of your body from affecting its temperature.

How to Serve a Sip of Wine for Your Guests to Taste

Some guests likes to sniff or examine the cork, allowing them to verify the condition of the wine. Some guests feel the cork to make sure it’s not dried out, while others will smell the cork to take in its distinct aroma or examine the color of the cork to ensure that the bottle has been stored properly on its side.  Its ok to place the cork on a coaster to the guest’s right.

When pouring wine, wrap the bottle in a clean linen napkin to protect it from the warmth of your hands. This isn’t essential for serving red wines that aren’t chilled, but your guests will probably appreciate the extra effort you’re putting forth to ensure the perfect serving conditions.

How To Pour

You should start in a clockwise pattern pouring from the right side of your guest.

  1. Wrap a napkin around the neck for insulation.
  2. Hold the bottle in the palm of your hand, label facing the guest, so he or she can observe the vintage.
  3. Pour table wine down the inside of a glass.
  4. Bring the bottle to the glass and twist the bottle over the glass to halt the drops to avoid spills.

Different Wine Pouring Styles

Some wines need to be poured slightly differently. Here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Sparkling: Pour in a trickle to avoid over-stimulating the bubbles. Pour a small amount in the flute, let the bubbles settle, and then finish pouring the glass until it’s three-quarters full.
  • Red: Slowly pour the standard wine pour (4 oz.) into the center of the glass until it’s around half full.
  • White: Slowly pour the standard wine pour (3 oz.) into the center of the glass until it’s around one-third full.

These service guidelines will help you and your guest enjoy wine.

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